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About us

We are two friends who love internet, films and travel, eager to do something interesting for people on the internet. Filmaps is led by two co-founders since day one. We are two friends of Barcelona, with huge experience in the field of Internet and new technologies. Our greatest desire is that filmaps be useful for users to make tourism more enjoyable when you see a movie. We believe that the "film tourism" will be a new kind of tourism and leisure experiences we have.


Sergi Villaubí
Co-founder of filmaps. Programming, design and media marketing.

David photo

David Boix
Co-founder. Prototyping, UX, guerrilla marketing and managementcommunity.

Contact mail: info@filmaps.com

How did it start?

We think that by traveling identify the environment with this fantastic movie we saw ... and sometimes we feel that "I've been here." Mix movies with tourism is our obsession.

The first version of the website is January 2009. We learned a lot over time and this has encouraged us improve the website over time. Take it off the second version in February 2010 and until this new version, with significant improvements in design and very oriented to simplify the user experience.

What is filmaps?

Filmaps is a site to find and share places where they have filmed movies or TV series. We want to help more is known film tourism worldwide. You will discover wonderful places that have appeared in your favorite movies and you can share with others your favorite movies and favorite places.

Enjoy and discover the tourist film!