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Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

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Where was Before Sunrise filmed

Vienna, Austria - 16 film locations
  • Both meet for the first time in the train and decide to spend the day together in Vienna. was filmed in Westbahnhof (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • They start strolling through town with mixed feelings in the beginning. was filmed in zollamtssteg (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Jesse and Celine explore the Ring and ask themselves intimate questions. was filmed in Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • In a record shop Celine chooses Kath Bloom to listen to with Jesse. was filmed in Windmühlgasse Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Celine tells Jesse about the story behind this Cemetery. was filmed in Friedhof der Namenlosen (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • They kiss on the Ferris Wheel and stroll through the amusement park. was filmed in Prater Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • In the evening they drink something at the "Kleines Café". A plamist reads Celine's future. was filmed in Franziskanerplatz Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Both take a look at this church. Inside they start talking about pain and happiness in life. was filmed in Maria am Gestade (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • A poet sitting by the Donaukanal spontaneously writes a poem for Celine and Jesse. was filmed in Donaukanal Augartenbrücke (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • By chance they pass the club Arena, go inside, play pinball and talk about past and current relationships. was filmed in Arena Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Celine and Jesse, discussing Feminism, walk down the Mölkersteig. was filmed in Mölkerbastei (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Walking through Spittelberg, they watch a belly dancer dancing the dance of birth. was filmed in Spittelberg Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • They play a fictitious roleplay together, where they call they close friends at home and talk about their experience so far. was filmed in Cafe Sperl (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Jesse tries to get a bottle of wine, while Celine steels two glasses. was filmed in Roxy Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • They sit by the Franz Josef I. Statue on the balcony and Jesse mentions a poem by W.H. Auden "As I walked out one evening". was filmed in Albertina Wien (by Kino unter Sternen)
  • Both lay on the grass talking about how much intimacy is appropiate. was filmed in Palais Schwarzenberg (by Kino unter Sternen)