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Where was Bullitt filmed

Daly City, USA - 1 film locations
San Francisco, USA - 7 film locations
  • Lugar donde Bullitt tiene el apartamento was filmed in 1153-57 Taylor Street, San Francisco (by sandro marquez)
  • Casa de Chalmers was filmed in 2700 Vallejo Street, Pacific Heights, San Francisco (by sandro marquez)
  • Cathy va con el coche por la zona de Candlestick Park was filmed in 602 Jamestown Ave, San Francisco (by sandro marquez)
  • Columbus & Lombard Streets, North Beach, San Francisco (by Reidarbi)
  • Serving of habeas corpus writ was filmed in 1100 California Street, San Francisco, California, USA (by Dani Maxwell)
  • Marina Green, Marina District, San Francisco (by Reidarbi)
  • Russian Hill, San Francisco (by Reidarbi)