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Where was Casino filmed

Fresno, USA - 1 film locations
  • Nicky's death scene was filmed in Fresno, California, USA (by Emilio Fuentes)
Las Vegas, USA - 8 film locations
  • Tangier Casino is Le Bistro Lounge, Riviera Hotel & Casino was filmed in 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas (by Emy)
  • Stone's death scene was filmed in 3900 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada (by Emy)
  • parking foyer scene was filmed in Convention Center Drive and Paradise Road, Las Vegas (by Dedee)
  • Lefty Rosenthal's house was filmed in 3515 Cochise Lane Las Vegas, NV (by Casino fan)
  • Lefty Rosenthal gets award inside banquet hall with a pool was filmed in 525 Park Paseo Las Vegas, NV 89104, private residence (by Casino fan)
  • Opening scene where car is blown up was filmed in Main Street Station Casino parking lot 200 North Main Street, Las Vegas (by Casino fan)
  • Gold Rush store front was filmed in 1201 South Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV (by Casino fan)
  • James Woods pimp character gets beaten up in front of Ginger by Ace's goons. was filmed in Regencey motel. 784 N. main Street, Las vegas, NV (by Pat Mahony)
Mojave, USA - 1 film locations
  • Mojave, California, USA (by Dedee)