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Where was drive filmed

Granada Hills, USA - 1 film locations
  • When we first see it, Shannon comes to Nino’s Pizzeria to ask Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) for $430,000 so Driver can have a race car. The restaurant is more an office for the menacing Nino (Ron Perlman) than a real eatery (they snack on Chinese food, not pizza). was filmed in 11000 Balboa Boulevard, Granada Hills (by Oleg Whitley)
Los Angeles, USA - 3 film locations
  • Driver’s trip to the grocery turns serendipitous when he spots Irene and her son Benicio shopping in the cereal aisle. In the parking lot, her car breaks down, and Driver offers them a ride home. It pays, apparently, to shop local. was filmed in 570 South Rampart Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, (by Oleg Whitley)
  • it’s the park where Driver later meets Irene’s husband, a thug and a female accomplice (Christina Hendricks) in one of the movie’s many menacing moments. was filmed in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles (by Oleg Whitley)
Northridge, USA - 1 film locations
  • When he’s not doing stunts for the movies, Driver is often under the hood at a garage owned by the weathered Shannon (Bryan Cranston). When Irene has her car towed to the garage, Shannon urges Driver to give Irene and Benicio a lift back to the apartment, as a tentative hint of romance begins to bloom. was filmed in 8400 Reseda Boulevard, Northridge (by Oleg Whitley)
Santa Clarita, USA - 1 film locations
  • Driver idles in the parking lot as he waits for a criminal to finish a robbery. (He’s lending a hand to help Irene’s husband get out of trouble.) But Driver’s good intentions go all wrong in a matter of minutes. was filmed in Elks Lodge, 17700 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita (by Oleg Whitley)