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Dónde se rodó Twister

Boone, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • The "Twister Hill" where Bill pAxton and Helen Hunt try and drop Dorthy amid a tornado se rodó en Boone, Iowa (por Stu)
Fairfax, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • Several scenes in and around the area. The opening credit first bridge was 4 miles south of Fairfax crossing the Arkansas River-this was the chopper flyover shot. 1mile west was the "divorce signing" at the beginning of the picture. The CGI generated "flying farm equipment" scene was just south of the Arkansas River in Ralston, OK (where our middle school is). Other shots were close to the area as well, some at Kaw Lake, and one at Belford Bridge west of town. se rodó en Fairfax, OK (por Phil Nuttle)
Guthrie, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • The drive-in movie scene. The drive in was built specifically for the movie. se rodó en Guthrie, Oklahoma (por Stu)
Kaw City, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • This is the road where the group was on when the tornado spawned "sisters" on the water. se rodó en Ponca City Oklahoma (por Stu)
Maysville, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • The scene at the Diner where Bill gets his tire fixed. Again, the diner was a set built specifically for the movie. se rodó en Maysville, Oklahoma (por Stu)
Wakita, USA - 1 lugares de rodaje
  • The main town in the movie which was a focal point throughout. se rodó en Wakita Oklahoma (por Stu)