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  • Have Gun Will Travel - Apachie Junction Arizona. Some of the western TV series “Have Gun Will Travel” with actor Richard Boone was filmed here in 1960.
  • charro - Apachie Junction Arizona. old west town - movie studio that has mostly burned down since then.
  • campus man - Tempe, Arizona.. Pool Scene at the end of the movie.
  • charro - Mesa Arizona. Elvis carrying his saddle while on foot after being waylaid by the bad guys. You can see this mountain "Red Mountain" in the background..
  • Used Cars - Mesa Arizona. This movie stared Kurt Russell - several scenes were shot in this location. Used car lot(s) in the movie (Darner Chrysler 837 W Main St Mesa, AZ 85201in real life) across the street from Darner was an empty field at the time 1980 (now apartments) where the film company built a fake garage and car lot office set. The property just east, still holds the motel where a lot of the film crew and stars stayed..

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