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donde se rodo donde se rodo donde se rodo

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  • nueve reinas - buenos aires, Puerto madero. A thief riding a motorcycle steals the envelope with the "Nueve Reinas"..
  • nueve reinas - buenos aires. Pasaje Tres Sargentos. One guy intercepts the main characters and tries to steal the check of the payment of the selling of the "Nueve Reinas"..
  • the mision - Ruinas de San Ignacion. This is where de story took place..
  • the mision - cataras del iguazu. Father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) is thrown in the Garganta del Diablo, the highest jump of water in the Falls.
  • evita - plaza de mayo, buenos aires. Casa de Gobierno, Eva Peron in the balcony..

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