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  • full metal jacket - Beckton, UK. What was formally Beckton Gasworks filled in for the Vietnamese city of Hue in the filming of the second half of Full Metal Jacket. The building in which the sniper was located and the surrounding half demolished buildings were located here and were chosen because the architecture of the disused gasworks resembled that of the city of Hue. .
  • full metal jacket - Bassingbourn, uk. During the Marines basic training the drill instructor takes them on squadded runs around what in the film is meant to be Parris Island but is actually Bassingbourn Barracks, near Cambridge, UK..
  • full metal jacket - Barton, Cambridgeshire ,UK. Barton Ranges is where Private Pyle is told by the Drill Instructor that he is a good shot..
  • full metal jacket - Kneesworth, UK. The scenes where the marine recruits are learning drill with their weapons and where the assault course was is located on the old airfield at Bassingbourn Barracks. .

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