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Películas añadidas por Peter_L

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Lugares de rodaje añadidos por Peter_L

  • King Kong (2005) - Cook Strait, New Zealand.
  • The beach - Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. Tipical pictures of this film.
  • Manhattan - Metropolitan Museum of Art. second meeting in the Sculpture Gallery.
  • Moonraker (007) - Venice, Italy.
  • King Kong (2005) - Seaview, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Harry Potter - King's Cross, london. Hagrid leaves Harry on the station's elevated walkway....
  • King Kong (2005) - Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Manhattan - Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue. Another meeting with Diane Keaton at an exhibition in Frank Lloyd.
  • Kill Bill - Hong Kong, China.
  • Seven (se7en) - 610 south main street, los angeles.
  • King Kong (2005) - Shelly Bay, Wellington.
  • Harry Potter - Lacock abbey, uk. The Cloisters of the abbey in the Lacock village.
  • King Kong (2005) - Kapiti Island.
  • Ghost - Crosby Street, new york. Patric Swayze gets bullet here !.
  • Nine Queens - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Andando por las calles de Buenos Aires (zoom in) .

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