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where was Ferris Bueller's Day Off filmed

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Where was Ferris Bueller's Day Off filmed

Chicago, USA - 5 film locations
  • orange sculpture location was filmed in Dearborn & Adams Streets, The Loop, Downtown, Chicago, Illinois, USA (by Reidarbi)
  • Where Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan were sitting when Ferris caught the foul-ball. was filmed in Wrigley Field - 1060 West Addison, Chicago IL (by Ed Klein)
  • Where they take a 'field trip' and the infamous scene where Cameron is standing in front of the painting staring at it. was filmed in Art Institute - Michigan Ave (by Ed Klein)
  • Scene where they step up on teh rail and place their heads against the window looking down at the people - or 'ants' as Ferris calls them. was filmed in Sears Tower - Adams Street - Chicago, IL (by Ed Klein)
  • Where Cameron is mimicing the traders on the floor and Ferris asks Sloan to marry him. was filmed in Chicago Board of Trade (by Ed Klein)
Glencoe, USA - 2 film locations
  • Cameron's house and Ferrari garage was filmed in 370 Beach Street, Highland Park, Illinois, USA (by clara1963)
  • Cameron is laying down and Sloan is rubbing his head was filmed in End of Park Ave at Lake Michigan (by Ed Klein)
Highland Park, USA - 2 film locations
  • Cameron's House and Ferrari Garage was filmed in 440 beech st, highland park, il (by thblckdog)
  • cameron's house and ferrari garage was filmed in 370 beech st highland park, il (by thblckdog)
Long Beach, USA - 1 film locations
  • Bueller home, exterior was filmed in 4160 Country Club Drive, Long Beach, California, USA (by clara1963)
Los Angeles, USA - 1 film locations
  • Pizza Parlor interior was filmed in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, USA (by Reidarbi)
Northbrook, USA - 3 film locations
  • Sloan and Mr. Rooney are waiting at the stairs as 'Mr. Anderson' is picking her up. was filmed in Glenbrook North High School - Shermer Rd - Northbrook, IL (by Ed Klein)
  • Jeanie stops her car as the boy students are running in the background before she drives off. was filmed in Glenbrook North High School - Shermer Dr - Northbrook, IL (by Ed Klein)
  • Ferris and Sloan (and Cameron tucked in the rear of the Ferrari) sped off after he picks her up from Mr. Rooney. was filmed in Glenbrook North High School - Shermer Rd - Northbrook IL (by Ed Klein)
Northfield, USA - 1 film locations
  • Most of the 'interior school scenes' were filmed here. The school was empty at the time of shooting. was filmed in New Trier High School - West - Winnetka IL (by Ed Klein)
Winnetka, USA - 2 film locations
  • Ferris' mom worked as a realitor in this building - it's an actual real estate office! was filmed in Real Estate Office - Elm Street and Chestnut Street - Winnetka IL (by Ed Klein)
  • Where Mr Ronney gets out of his car, looks around, and 'flips' up his sunglasses. was filmed in Elm Street - Winnetka, IL (by Ed Klein)