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where was Fisher King filmed

Fisher King

Fisher King

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Where was Fisher King filmed

Manhattan, USA - 5 film locations
  • Jack's (Jeff Bridges) apartment was filmed in 146 West 57th Street, New York (by Dardo Vader)
  • Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges) is drunk and talking to a Pinoccio doll was filmed in Pulitzer Fountain, New York (by Dardo Vader)
  • Everyday at noon, Perry would come here to this building to wait for Lydia, the woman he was in love with was filmed in 330 Park Avenue South SouthEast, New York (by Dardo Vader)
  • The Ballroom Dancing Scene was filmed in Grand Central Station, New York (by Dardo Vader)
  • Jack's workplace was filmed in 101 Park Avenue (by Dardo Vader)
New York, USA - 1 film locations
  • The Castle where Jack (Jeff Bridges) has to steal the holy grail for Parry (Robin Williams) was filmed in Hunter College Elementary School, New York (by Dardo Vader)