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where was goldeneye (007) filmed

goldeneye (007)

goldeneye (007)

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Where was goldeneye (007) filmed

Arecibo, Puerto Rico - 1 film locations
  • Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, Puerto Rico (by Reidarbi)
Cugnasco, Switzerland - 1 film locations
  • opening sequence bungee jump was filmed in Cantone Ticino, Switzerland (by Reidarbi)
Gordola, Switzerland - 1 film locations
  • In the opening sequence of GoldenEye, Bond plummets from a Russian dam with the concrete wall appearing just feet away from his body. Well, the Verzasca dam is actually located in the southern part of Switzerland. was filmed in verzasca, switzerland (by Daniel Bermejo)
Monaco, Monaco - 3 film locations
  • Jame Bond arrives at Casino de Montecarlo was filmed in Casino de Montecarlo, Monaco (by Charly remond)
  • Xenia Onatopp steals the stealth Tiger helicoper was filmed in Port d'Hercule, La Condamine, Monaco (by Shandra)
  • James Bond views the Admiral and Xenia Onatopp boarding the Manticore yacht was filmed in Théâtre du Fort Antoine, Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo, Monaco (by Reidarbi)
St Petersburg, Russia - 2 film locations
  • Headquarters was filmed in St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia (by Dardo Vader)
  • St. Petersburg scene was filmed in Vasilevsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia (by Dardo Vader)