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where was Highway Patrolman (1991) filmed

Highway Patrolman (1991)

Highway Patrolman (1991)

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Where was Highway Patrolman (1991) filmed

Durango, Mexico - 1 film locations
  • Plot Summary for Highway Patrolman (1991) More at IMDbPro » El patrullero (original title) ad feedback An episodic look at a young man's life in Mexico's national highway patrol. We follow Pedro Rojas from cadet training and his rookie assignment in a northern border area, to his quick courtship, his taking of bribes ("la mordida"), and his slow exposure to drug smuggling. Rojas re-forms his idealism as youthful naivete gives way to an adult's complicated choices. Written by was filmed in DURANGO MEXICO (by Keven Scotlnan)