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Where was SWAT filmed

Huntington Beach, USA - 1 film locations
  • The scenes where 'Jim Street' (Colin Farrell) is exercising on the beach (after he's quit S.W.A.T.) appear to have been filmed along the Huntington Beach- Sunset Beach coastal area was filmed in 401 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA (by oskar navarro)
Los Angeles, USA - 3 film locations
  • there's a scene where the cops stop to buy hot dogs at a colorful arcade was filmed in 539 Spring Street, Broadway, Los Angeles, CA (by Reidarbi)
  • The bad guys run into the Metro Red Line subway station below Pershing Square was filmed in Wilshire and Western, Los Angeles, CA (by Reidarbi)
  • 6th Street Bridge scene was filmed in Willow St, Los Angles, CA (by Reidarbi)
Mojave, USA - 1 film locations
  • in which they attempt to rescue "hostages" from "hijackers" was filmed in airplane graveyard. mojave, ca (by Albert55)