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where was The Godfather filmed

The Godfather

The Godfather

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Where was The Godfather filmed

New York, USA - 2 film locations
  • The bar where Sollozzo meets up with Luca (Edison Hotel) was filmed in 228 west 47th street, NY (by Luca di Massanelo)
  • mulberry street, new york (by Shandra)
Palermo, Italy - 1 film locations
  • opera sequence, exterior and entrance was filmed in Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Sicily, Italy (by Dedee)
Savoca, Italy - 1 film locations
  • Bar Vitelli was here. Near Taormina on the east side of sicily was filmed in Svoca, sicily, italy (by Enzo)
Vatican City, Vatican City - 1 film locations
  • Vatican City, Italy (by Murray)