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where was The limits of control filmed

The limits of control

The limits of control

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Where was The limits of control filmed

Las Tres Villas, Spain - 1 film locations
  • Railway station appears in the movie was filmed in Almeria Doña Maria de Ocaña (by Juan Jesús López)
Madrid, Spain - 3 film locations
  • The apartment that lone man (Isaach De Bankolé) rents while he is staying in Madrid is placed in this spectacular building with no straight angles. The building is called Torres Blancas. was filmed in torres blancas, madrid (by Jose Miguel Garanto)
  • Many of the scenes in the film take place in the Conache bar's terrace. was filmed in fuencarral, madrid (by Jose Miguel Garanto)
  • Isaach De Bankolé visits the museum during the film was filmed in reina sofia, madrid (by Jose Miguel Garanto)
Níjar, Spain - 1 film locations
  • The last location for the movie, where Bill Murray wait was filmed in Almeria, San Jose, (by Juan Jesús López)
Senés, Spain - 1 film locations
  • In the Bar, with GAel Garcia Bernal, Bar el mirador was filmed in Almeria Senés (by Juan Jesús López)