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where was Hachiko  filmedwhere was Eat Pray Love filmedwhere was Loosies  filmedwhere was Siempre a tu lado (Hachiko) filmedwhere was 27 Dresses filmedwhere was The Notebook filmed

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where was The Notebook filmedwhere was The Notebook filmed

Film locations added by Donna Garofalo

  • Loosies - Grand Central Station, New York City, USA. Bobby pickpockets several people as he exits the terminal. .
  • Loosies - The Arcade, Providence, Rhode Island, USA . Exterior of Grand Central Station where Lucy tells Bobby she is pregnant with his child. .
  • Loosies - Tazza cafe, Providence, Rhode Island, USA . Bobby is on a date with Carmen at Tazza cafe. His cover is almost blown when the waiter realizes Bobby gave him a stolen credit card and calls the police. .

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