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  • Mystic River - Border Street, East Boston, MA. Scene of climactic face-off between Robbins and Penn.
  • Traffic - Columbus, Ohio.
  • Mystic River - 336 K St, South Boston, MA 02127. The corner store that Penn's Jimmy Markum runs.
  • North By Northwest - Simi Valley, CA. Closing scene of train entering tunnel.
  • Mystic River - 3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. JJ Doyle's Bar, where Dave sees Jimmy's daughter.
  • Mystic River - Condor Street East Boston, MA. Opening abduction scene.
  • Mystic River - Monmouth St, East Boston, MA. Parade Scene.
  • Mystic River - Franklin Park, Boston MA. Site where Katie Markum's body is found.

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