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About Time (2013)

Fantasy, Romance, Drama

The night after another unsatisfactory New Year's party, Tim's father tells his son that the men in his family have always had the ability to travel through time. They can't change history, but they can change what happens and has happened in their own lives. Thus begins the start of a lesson in learning to appreciate life itself as it is, as it comes, and most importantly, the people living alongside us.
Matthew C. Martino
Andrew Martin Yates
Charlie Barnes
Tom Hughes
Richard Griffiths
Lydia Wilson
Jacob Francis
Clemmie Dugdale
Lee Asquith-Coe
Margot Robbie
Natasha Powell
Sarah Heller
Jaiden Dervish
Matilda Sturridge
Jon West
Ollie Phillips
Ben Benson
Jenny Rainsford
Veronica Owings
Joshua McGuire
Richard E. Grant
Pal Aron
Domhnall Gleeson
Lee Nicholas Harris
Haruka Abe
Molly Seymour
Jago Freud
Mitchell Mullen
Vanessa Kirby
Sophie Pond
Catherine Steadman
Mark Healy
Verity Fullerton
Lindsay Duncan
Kenneth Hazeldine
Tom Godwin
Tom Stourton
Tom Coulston
Rebecca Chew
Charlie Curtis
Olivia Konten
Philip Voss
Harry Hadden-Paton
Tom Hollander
Rachel McAdams
Bill Nighy
Sophie Brown
Richard Cordery
Barbar Gough
Graham Richard Howgego
Jon Boden
Lisa Eichhorn
Kerrie Liane Studholme
Will Merrick
Rebecca White
Richard Curtis
Liza Chasin
Jill McCullough
Mark Day
John Guleserian
Ellie Goulding
Stephanie Lynne Smith
Jed Loughran
Fiona Weir
Justin Ackroyd
Nick Laird-Clowes
Christine Blundell
Lesa Warrener
Nicky Kentish Barnes
Agnes Legere
Emma Freud
Luke O'Connell
Craig Price
John Paul Kelly
Sue Harding
Peter Gleaves
Monica MacDonald
Celia Yau
Eric Fellner
Johnathan Rush
Peter Burgis
Sam Stokes
Tim Bevan
Nellie Burroughes
Verity Hawkes
Jon Thum
Amelia Granger
Liz Griffiths
Tim Keene
James Mather
Arvo Pärt
Antonia Atha
Kirsten Lane
Mike Dowson
Jason Swanscott
Charmaine Fuller
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About Time film locations

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