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Ali (2012)


In a role reversal that is challenging for any young adult, Ali has become a caretaker to her mother’s delicate mental health. Scarred by the past, she chain smokes, refuses to learn to drive, and is terrified of falling in love. Ali spends her days working in a supermarket and the rest of her time off on misadventures with her friend. But when she meets Julio, her tough veneer starts to crack and she may have to amend her strict rules of non-engagement.
Pablo Baena
Julián Villagrán
Manuel Rodríguez
Adrián Pino
Verónica Forqué
Nadia de Santiago
Clara Vázquez
Lluís Marco
Adrián Lamana
Angy Fernández
Rafael Cobos
Paco R. Baños
Julio de la Rosa
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