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3 locations in Long Beach and Santa Clarita

All About Steve (2009)


After one short date, a brilliant crossword constructor decides that a CNN cameraman is her true love. Because the cameraman's job takes him hither and yon, she crisscrosses the country, turning up at media events as she tries to convince him they are perfect for each other.
Gregg Lee
George Sharperson
Lucy Davis
Keith David
Jackie Johnson
Kerri Kenney
Geraldo Rivera
Sara Sanderson
Bradley Cooper
Rae Sunshine Lee
Ken Jeong
Holmes Osborne
Howard Hesseman
Delaney Hamilton
M.C. Gainey
DJ Qualls
Hari Kondabolu
Kelli Kirkland
Katy Mixon
Carlos Gómez
Beth Grant
Thomas Haden Church
Jason Jones
Jeffrey Harlacker
Phil Traill
Ted Field
Trevor Engelson
Sandra Bullock
Keii Johnston
Christophe Beck
Kim Barker
Rod Dean
Virginia Katz
Nick Osborne
Mary McLaglen
Maher Ahmad
Seth Yanklewitz
Tim Suhrstedt
Juel Bestrop
All About Steve filming locations

All About Steve film locations

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