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2 locations in Istanbul

The Ark of the Sun God (1984)

Action, Adventure

A safecracker takes a job where he must go to Istanbul and steal a scepter that once belonged to the god Gilgamesh but is now in the temple of a secret cult.
Susie Sudlow
Luciano Pigozzi
Ricardo Palacios
David Warbeck
Aytekin Akkaya
John Steiner
Achille Brugnini
Aldo Tamborelli
Mustafa Utku Gürler
Sandro Mancori
Antonio Margheriti
Ignazio Dolce
Massimo Antonello Geleng
Tevfik Şen
Giovanni Paolucci
Sedat Akdemir
Giovanni Simonelli
Alberto Moriani
Edoardo Margheriti
Giovanni Paolucci
Ark of the Sun God filming locations

The Ark of the Sun God film locations



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