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4 locations in Newberry Springs, Daggett and Twentynine Palms-Morongo Valley

Bagdad Cafe (2021)

Smack bang in the middle of nowhere (or was it somewhere on the legendary Route 66?) two women are thrown together by chance. Stranded tourist Jasmin stumbles out of her unhappy marriage and finds herself at Brenda’s remote cafe and motel. Ordinarily, no one would choose to stay at the Bagdad Cafe but in the dust and isolation, unexpected and extraordinary friendships begin to blossom. The lost are found as individuals transform into an eclectic community bound by music, magic and some very strong coffee.
Renell Shaw
Bettrys Jones
Nandi Bhebhe
Sandra Marvin
George Ikediashi
Ewan Wardrop
Kandaka Moore
Patrycja Kujawska
Gareth Snook
Etta Murfitt
Malcolm Rippeth
Eleonore Adlon
Ian Ross
Lez Brotherston
Emma Rice
Nadine Lee
Darren Ware
Percy Adlon
Simon Baker
Bagdad Cafe filming locations

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