Discover where Beverly Hills Chihuahua has been filmed

3 locations in Beverly Hills, Guadalajara and Hermosillo

Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Family

A pampered Beverly Hills chihuahua named Chloe who, while on vacation in Mexico with her owner Viv's niece, Rachel, gets lost and must rely on her friends to help her get back home before she is caught by a dognapper who wants to ransom her.
Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo
George Lopez
Fabrice Eboué
Claudia Tagbo
Maury Sterling
Loretta Devine
Plácido Domingo
Naomy Romo
Marguerite Moreau
Edward James Olmos
James P. Bennett
Randall England
Giovanna Acha Aleman
Cheech Marin
Thomas Ngijol
Amelle Chahbi
Sal Lopez
Manolo Cardona
José María Yázpik
Jesús Ochoa
Frédéric Chau
Gina Gallego
Grey DeLisle
Piper Perabo
Alberto Reyes
Sébastien De Dominicis
Drew Barrymore
Yacine Belhousse
Nick Zano
Jamel Debbouze
Brandon Keener
Blanche Gardin
Paul Rodríguez
Andy García
Jack Plotnick
Jamie Lee Curtis
Omar Leyva
Ali Hillis
Carlos Juvera
Wahid Bouzidi
Leslie Mann
Eugenio Derbez
Michael Urie
Luis Guzmán
Ricardo Del Río
Q Fortier
Jeffrey Bushell
John Jacobs
María Estela Fernández
Raja Gosnell
Todd Lieberman
Lynn Barber
Bill Boes
Sabrina Plisco
David Hoberman
Phil Meheux
Heitor Pereira
Steve Nicolaides
Analisa LaBianco
Beverly Hills Chihuahua filming locations

Beverly Hills Chihuahua film locations

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