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2 locations in Port St Mary and South Wales

Big Nothing (2006)

Action, Thriller, Comedy, Crime

A frustrated, unemployed teacher joins forces with a scammer and his girlfriend in a blackmailing scheme.
Mimi Rogers
Paul Preston
Natascha McElhone
Julian Glover
Alice Eve
Kenneth Jay
David Schwimmer
Sarah Edmondson
Amber Sealey
Mitchell Mullen
Simon Pegg
Mindy Lee Raskin
Olivia Peterson
Clair Elsmore
Shauna Shim
Laurence Bouvard
Jon Polito
Colin Stinton
Gabriella Stollenwerck
James Bennett
Tracy Long
András Hámori
James Clayton
Steve Christian
Ffion Elinor
Dan Morgan
Claire Williams
Nigel Heath
Nina Gold
Antoine Vareille
Arthur Graley
Christian Hall
François Ivernel
Sophie Becher
Keith Maxwell
Julian Slater
Duncan Reid
Marrie Dorris
Alan Anton
Peter Burgis
Berenice Fugard
Cameron McCracken
Clara George
William Rosenfeld
Lacia Kornylo
Monika Mikkelsen
Richard Greatrex
David Ball
Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Linda James
Amelia Shankland
Carole Williams
Big Nothing filming locations

Big Nothing film locations

Port St Mary

United Kingdom

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