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3 locations in Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Oceanside

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Action, Thriller, Adventure

Diamonds are stolen only to be sold again in the international market. James Bond infiltrates a smuggling mission to find out who's guilty. The mission takes him to Las Vegas where Bond meets his archenemy Blofeld.
Leonard Barr
Ed Bishop
Lana Wood
Sid Haig
Gary Dubin
Terence Mountain
Jerry Summers
Terence Conoley
Paul Baxley
Janos Kurucz
Gerald Paris
Karl Held
Clyde McLeod
Don Messick
Charles Gray
Denise Perrier
Shane Rimmer
Bernard Lee
Ray Baker
Trina Parks
Henry Rowland
David Bauer
Bruce Cabot
Nicky Blair
Desmond Llewelyn
George Lane Cooper
Sig Frohlich
Fred Fisher
Joseph Fürst
Laurence Naismith
Guy Standeven
Jimmy Dean
Larry J. Blake
Martin Lyder
David Healy
Debbie Letteau
Vincent Wong
Lew Hooper
Jill St. John
Tom Steele
Frank Olegario
Catherine Deeney
Sean Connery
Clifford Earl
Cassandra Peterson
Jack Ross
Connie Mason
Bill Hutchinson
Philip Ettington
Ron Gregory
Jack Arrow
Michael Stevens
Ed Call
Pat Ryan
Eddie Smith
Frank Mann
Norman Burton
John Abineri
Burt Metcalfe
Brinsley Forde
Orwin C. Harvey
Gordon Ruttan
David de Keyser
Melita Clarke
Bob Harks
Tony O'Leary
Bruce Glover
Constantine Gregory
Mark Elwes
Dick Crockett
Ray Baker
Lois Maxwell
Owen Song
Lola Larson
Joe Robinson
Marc Lawrence
Margaret Lacey
Putter Smith
Peter Lamont
John W. Holmes
John P. Austin
Ken Adam
John Barry
Bert Bates
Richard Maibaum
Tom Mankiewicz
Albert R. Broccoli
Maurice Binder
Ian Fleming
Nick Dimitri
Les Hillman
Stanley Sopel
Jack Maxsted
Bill Kenney
Ted Moore
Shirley Bassey
Guy Hamilton
Harry Saltzman
Diamonds are Forever filming locations

Diamonds Are Forever film locations

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