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Don't Look Now (1973)

Horror, Thriller, Drama

Laura and John, grieved by a terrible loss, meet in Venice, where John is in charge of the restoration of a church, two mysterious sisters, one of whom gives them a message sent from the afterlife.
Donald Sutherland
Julie Christie
Nicholas Salter
Leopoldo Trieste
Ann Rye
Clelia Matania
Massimo Serato
Renato Scarpa
Bruno Cattaneo
Hilary Mason
David Tree
Sharon Williams
Giorgio Trestini
Adelina Poerio
Anthony B. Unger
Barry Richardson
Peter T. Davies
Francesco Cinieri
Pino Donaggio
Marit Allen
Anthony B. Richmond
Franco Coduti
Frederick Muller
Miriam Brickman
Ugo Mariotti
Maria Luisa Garbini
Daphne du Maurier
Giovanni Soccol
Chris Bryant
Francesco Chianese
Peter Katz
Graeme Clifford
Nicolas Roeg
Allan Scott
Andrea Galer
Rodney Holland
Giancarlo Del Brocco
Don't Look Now filming locations

Don't Look Now film locations



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