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3 locations in Valletta and Luqa

Midnight Express (1978)

Drama, Crime

Billy Hayes is caught attempting to smuggle drugs out of Turkey. The Turkish courts decide to make an example of him, sentencing him to more than 30 years in prison. Hayes has two opportunities for release: the appeals made by his lawyer, his family, and the American government, or the "Midnight Express".
Yashaw Adem
Paolo Bonacelli
Tony Boyd
Michael Ensign
Franco Diogene
Norbert Weisser
Irene Miracle
Bo Hopkins
Raad Rawi
Vic Tablian
Joe Zammit Cordina
Kevork Malikyan
Randy Quaid
Mike Kellin
Gigi Ballista
Peter Jeffrey
Paul L. Smith
Ahmed El Shenawi
John Hurt
Mihalis Giannatos
Brad Davis
Sarah Monzani
Oliver Stone
David Appleby
Pat Hay
Alan Marshall
Alan Parker
William Hoffer
Garth Thomas
Giorgio Moroder
Gerry Hambling
Richard Green
Geoffrey Kirkland
David Puttnam
Mary Hillman
Penny Steyne
Katharina Kubrick
Michael Seresin
Evan Hercules
Milena Canonero
Billy Hayes
Peter Guber
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