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It Happened at the Boarding School (1985)

Thriller, Drama

Describes the internal life of a girls' school from families of strong economic position that traditionally, laziness or comfort transferred to various educational institutions responsible for the moral, intellectual, social and spiritual girls used to a life without problems, the most with terrible examples of marital relationship and behavior of their parents. Thus fall into emotional chaos, led to drugs, violence, prostitution and sexual deviations.
Adrián Martel
María Valenzuela
Marisa Herrero
Ana María Ricci
Mercedes Alonso
Nya Quesada
Emilio Bardi
Carlos Vanoni
Mimí Ardú
Paola Papini
Oscar Ferrigno Jr.
Marcela Ruiz Esparza
Luis Luque
Silvia Pérez
Boris Rubaja
Eloísa Cañizares
Julio De Grazia
Mariana Karr
Adriana Parets
Francisco Llanos
José P. Dominiani
Emilio Vieyra
Fernando Molina
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