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El padrino: The Latin Godfather (2004)

Action, Drama, Crime

In the streets of East Los Angeles, Manny is a formidable drug dealer. Impressed by his extravagant lifestyle and prowess, his young son, Kilo, yearns to follow in his footsteps. Kilo resolves to learn how to prosper in the drug world, and his new life as a dealer begins. In a world where a man wants everything, he may end up with nothing.
Joanna Pacula
Ralf Moeller
Gary Busey
Ismael "East" Carlo
Stacy Keach
Robert Wagner
Kathleen Quinlan
Sal Lopez
Melora Hardin
Faye Dunaway
Jennifer Tilly
Emilio Rivera
Rachel Hunter
Brad Dourif
Charlie Picerni
Gerard K. Marino
Carlton Holder
Pierre Chemaly
Glenn Garland
Aaron pugliese
Troy Barker
Damian Chapa
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