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3 locations in Shanghai, Knutsford and Trebujena

Empire of the Sun (1987)

History, War, Drama

Jamie Graham, a privileged English boy, is living in Shanghai when the Japanese invade and force all foreigners into prison camps. Jamie is captured with an American sailor, who looks out for him while they are in the camp together. Even though he is separated from his parents and in a hostile environment, Jamie maintains his dignity and youthful spirits, providing a beacon of hope for the others held captive with him.
Ralph Michael
Eric Flynn
Leslie Phillips
Masatō Ibu
Nigel Leach
Simon Harrison
Tony Boncza
Takatarô Kataoka
Burt Kwouk
Yvonne Gilan
Peter Copley
Barbara Bolton
Sybil Maas
Tom Danaher
David Neidorf
Ralph Seymour
Francesca Longrigg
James Greene
Christian Bale
John Malkovich
Sheridan Forbes
Guts Ishimatsu
Miranda Richardson
Nigel Havers
Joe Pantoliano
Ann Castle
Ben Stiller
Paul McGann
Naishe Zhai
Anna Turner
Thea Ranft
Jack Dearlove
Emily Richard
James Walker
Peter Gale
Barrie Houghton
Paula Hamilton
Emma Piper
Rupert Frazer
Robert Stephens
Samantha Warden
David Tomblin
Juan Estelrich Revesz
Steve Harding
Ken Shane
Kathleen Kennedy
Nik Korda
Bob Ringwood
Menno Meyjes
Alan L. Nineberg
Roy Button
Tom Stoppard
Michael Kahn
John Williams
J.G. Ballard
Norman Reynolds
Steven Spielberg
Robert Shapiro
Allen Daviau
Frank Marshall
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Empire of the Sun film locations


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