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The World is Ours (2012)


The Culebra and Cabesa, a pair of criminals, decide to take a bank at gunpoint, dressed as penitents. The plan is simple: Get in, get the money, take off all the loot quickly and catch the first flight to Brazil. But things get complicated when a man on his fifties, victim of the economic crisis goes into the bank loaded with explosives, threatening suicide. What would be the easiest shot in history, becomes a nightmare carnival.
Joserra Leza
Sergio Domínguez
Olga Martínez
Pepa Díaz Meco
Estrella Corrientes
Antonia Gómez
Antonio Dechent
María Cabrera
Daniel Morilla
Juan Cantón
Alfonso Sánchez
Carlos Crespo
Maravilla Gypsy Band
Alberto López
Daniel Mauri
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