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Gerónima (1986)


Gerónima was a real "Mapuche" Indian woman that lived in Argentinian Patagonia. She lived with her four sons in a poor little house in the dry lands her family had owned for generations. In 1976, during the military dictatorial government that disappeared 30.000 people, she and her four sons were visited by social workers. Worried about Geronima's poor conditions of existence, including health, they took the whole family to the hospital "to help them", with unexpected tragic consequences. The film that reconstruct Geronima's story is based in a interview realized by a physician while she was at the hospital. The main actress, Luisa Calcumil is also a real "Mapuche" woman, as well as Aimé Painé, the singer that interprets the authentic "Mapuche" songs the film includes.
Dónde se rodó Gerónima

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