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Guns of Darkness (1962)


Committed pacifist Tom Jordan's decision to help former President Rivera escape a military coup is a simple act of mercy that takes him and his wife to the edge of despair. It turns them into outlaws and fugitives, hunted by a vicious regime; yet it could also bring them together in a way they have never been before.
Ali Nagi
Sandor Elès
Tutte Lemkow
Dorita Sensier
Derek Godfrey
David Opatoshu
David Niven
Peter Allenby
Ian Hunter
Richard Pearson
Eleanor Summerfield
Barry Shawzin
Leslie Caron
John Carson
James Robertson Justice
Steven Scott
Anthony Asquith
John Mortimer
Thomas Clyde
Frederick Wilson
Benjamin Frankel
Anthony Mendleson
Clifford Francis
Robert Krasker
John Howell
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