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Hope and Glory (1987)

History, War, Comedy, Drama

Director John Boorman drew from his own childhood experiences for this coming-of-age tale about a boy growing up in and around London during World War II. For young Billy, the nightly bombings provide a frightening show, but they include opportunities to rummage through the rubble with friends in the mornings. As Billy plays, his family struggles to remain intact as they suffer through the anguish and losses of wartime.
Nicholas Askew
Shelagh Fraser
Jean-Marc Barr
Annie Leon
Jodie Andrews
Sammi Davis
Jamie Bowman
William Armstrong
Ann Thornton
Amelda Brown
Peter Hughes
Barbara Pierson
Charley Boorman
David Parkin
Sebastian Rice-Edwards
Nicky Taylor
Sara Langton
Susan Brown
Graham Cole
Colin Higgins
Andrew Bicknell
Geraldine Muir
Susan Wooldridge
Arthur Cox
Gerald James
Imogen Cawrse
Christine Croshaw
Katrine Boorman
Derrick O'Connor
Carlton Taylor
Jill Baker
Sarah Miles
David Hayman
Colin Dale
Ian Bannen
Jake Eberts
Philippe Rousselot
Michael Dryhurst
John Boorman
Joan Carpenter
Anna Dryhurst
Mary Selway
Peter Martin
Anthony Pratt
Shirley Russell
Mike Fox
Edgar F. Gross
Ian Crafford
Joanne Woollard
Don Dossett
Dónde se rodó Hope and Glory

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