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Jules and Jim (1962)

Romance, Drama

In the carefree days before World War I, introverted Austrian author Jules strikes up a friendship with the exuberant Frenchman Jim. Both men fall for the impulsive and beautiful Catherine, but it's Jules who wins her hand. After the war, Jim visits Jules, Catherine and their daughter in their Austrian home and discovers not only that his feelings for Catherine are unchanged, but also that they're reciprocated.
Bernard Largemains
Christiane Wagner
Jeanne Moreau
Marie Dubois
Danielle Bassiak
Oskar Werner
Kate Noelle
Sabine Haudepin
Pierre Fabre
Henri Serre
Jean-Louis Richard
Michel Subor
Serge Rezvani
Dominique Lacarrière
Elen Bober
Vanna Urbino
Anny Nelsen
Michel Varesano
Bernard Largemains
Florence Malraux
Jean-Lionel Etcheverry
Marcel Berbert
Georges Pellegrin
Robert Bober
Raymond Cauchetier
Jean Gruault
Claude Beausoleil
Raoul Coutard
Simone Knapp
Claudine Bouché
Suzanne Schiffman
Henri-Pierre Roché
François Truffaut
Maurice Urbain
Fernand Coquet
Georges Delerue
Fred Capel
Dónde se rodó Jules et Jim

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