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Butterfly Kisses (2017)


We follow Jake and his two best friends, Kyle and Jarred through a world distorted by sex and porn. The leader is Kyle – he talks about girls non-stop, Jarred can’t stop cheating on his girlfriend and then there’s Jake, a quiet and shy teenager whose friends are determined to help him lose his virginity to Zara, the pretty girl on the 19th floor of their estate. All three are trying to find their way in a complex world. They all have their demons, but Jake’s secret is one that he must keep to himself.
Sadie Thwaites
Leigh Gill
Elliot Cowan
Liam Whiting
Charlotte Beaumont
Byron Lyons
Thomas Turgoose
Theo Stevenson
Rosie Day
Honor Kneafsey
Rafael Kapelinski
Nick Cooke
Greer Taylor Ellison
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