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Land and Freedom (1995)

History, War, Romance, Drama

David Carr is a British Communist who is unemployed. In 1936, when the Spanish Civil War begins, he decides to fight for the Republican side, a coalition of liberals, communists and anarchists, so he joins the POUM militia and witnesses firsthand the betrayal of the Spanish revolution by Stalin's followers and Moscow's orders.
Ian Hart
Icíar Bollaín
Daniel Muñoz
Frédéric Pierrot
Angela Clarke
Mandy Walsh
Suzanne Maddock
Tom Gilroy
Francesc Orella
Jordi Dauder
Miguel Cabrillana
Pep Molina
Rosana Pastor
Eoin McCarthy
Daphne Dare
Marta Valsecchi
David Howell-Evans
Martin Johnson
Reyes Abades
Wendy Ettinger
Dominic Seal
Roger Smith
Ray Beckett
Ana Alvargonzález
Ken Loach
Jim Allen
Gerardo Herrero
Jeremy Gee
Cosmo Campbell
Barry Ackroyd
Richard Rousseau
David Old
Susie Figgis
George Fenton
Rebecca O'Brien
Jonathan Morris
Nigel Willoughby
Tomás Urbán
Kevin Brazier
Susanna Lenton
Joan Benet
Paul Chedlow
Annie McEwan
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