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Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (1998)

Comedy, Family

After getting blamed for spoiling Christmas, the richest kid in the world wishes he'd never been born. Unfortunately, a wishing machine, invented by professor Keenbean, picked up the wish and made it come true. Now Richie finds himself in a parallel world where his only hope is to find professor Keenbean and the wishing machine so he can wish things back to normal. Written by Peter Huiskes
Michael McDonald
Michelle Trachtenberg
Kathleen Freeman
Eugene Levy
Billy Burnette
Austin Stout
Rex Smith
Martin Mull
Janet Wood
Candi Brough
Blake Jeremy Collins
Keene Curtis
Robert Peters
Claire Andrew
Don McLeod
Richard Fancy
Christopher Boyer
Richard Riehle
Lesley Ann Warren
Jake Richardson
David Gallagher
Marla Maples
Randi Brough
Jim Jackman
Jason Feffer
Rob Kerchner
Deddy Tzur
Mark Furey
John Murlowski
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