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São Paulo, S.A. (1965)


Carlos is a young man from the São Paulo middle class who works for a big company during a time when foreign automobile industries were settling in Brazil. Shortly after, he accepts a job at a factory that makes automobile parts, where he becomes manager. To a certain extent, he is a family man who works hard, earns well and lives unsatisfied. Without any prospects in his life to change the condition he rejects, his last resort is escaping.
Walmor Chagas
Marta Gonda
Ricardo Gonda
Eva Wilma
Darlene Glória
Ana Esmeralda
Etty Fraser
Renato Gonda
Otelo Zeloni
Luiz Sérgio Person
Nelson Mattos Penteado
Hugo Kusnetzoff
Renato Magalhães
Jean Lafront
Pedro Carlos Rovai
Ricardo Aronovich
Cláudio Petráglia
Glauco Mirko Laurelli
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