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Hush Hush Baby (2004)

Abdullah 'Ap' Bentarek is happy that, unlike his Uncle Yusuf who stayed in the ancestral Moroccan mountain village, his father Ali moved to the Netherlands – even though it does mean that he’ll have to deal with lousy friends and unrealistic expectations at the employment office. A light-hearted portrait of the immigrant experience and the ubiquitous intolerance of the unfamiliar in Dutch society.
Salah Eddine Benmoussa
Frank Lammers
Zohra 'Flifla' Slimani
Peter Heerschop
Iliass Ojja
Touriya Haoud
Ahmed Salah
Mustapha Salamat
Winston Gerschtanowitz
Tanja Jess
Bridget Maasland
Najib Amhali
Tara Elders
Mohammed Chaara
Ahmed Kamal
Mimoun Ouled Radi
Leo Alkemade
Sytse Kramer
Mimoun Oaïssa
René Huybrechtse
Frank Bak
Mike Meijer
Albert Ter Heerdt
Vincent van Warmerdam
Joram Willink
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