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Vision Quest (1985)

Romance, Drama

After deciding he needs to do something meaningful with his life, high school wrestler Louden Swain sets out on a mission to drop weight and challenge the area's undefeated champion, which creates problems with his teammates and health. Matters are complicated further when Louden's father takes in an attractive female drifter who's on her way to San Francisco.
Linda Fiorentino
James Gammon
Forest Whitaker
Roberts Blossom
Frank Jasper
R. H. Thomson
Tom Elkins
Michael Schoeffling
Raphael Sbarge
Matthew Modine
Gary Kasper
Ronny Cox
Harold Sylvester
Andrew Shue
J. C. Quinn
Charles Hallahan
Daphne Zuniga
Jana Marie Hupp
Stan Weston
June Samson
Maury Winetrobe
Gilbert D. Marchant
Christopher Franke
Harold Becker
Jeff Haley
Darryl Ponicsan
Bill Malley
Nancy Klopper
Terry Davis
Susan Brewer
Susan Becker
Edgar Froese
Cheri Minns
Adam Fields
Kim Samson
David Israel
Mike Benson
Joseph P. Mercurio
Ron Batzdorff
Owen Roizman
Jon Peters
Peter Guber
Stephen St. John
Greg Dillon
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