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That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)

Romance, Comedy, Drama

After dumping a bucket of water on a beautiful young woman from the window of a train car, wealthy Frenchman Mathieu, regales his fellow passengers with the story of the dysfunctional relationship between himself and the young woman in question, a fiery 19-year-old flamenco dancer named Conchita. What follows is a tale of cruelty, depravity and lies -- the very building blocks of love.
Silke Humel
Valerie Blanco
Bernard Musson
Ángela Molina
Milena Vukotić
Agnès Gattegno
Richard Leduc
Guy Montagné
Annie Monange
Fernando Rey
André Lacombe
Isabelle Rattier
Julien Bertheau
Mario David
Lita Lluch-Peiro
Antonio Duque
Auguste Carrière
Juan Santamaría
Ellen Bahl
Roger Ibáñez
Isabelle Sadoyan
David Rocha
Carole Bouquet
María Asquerino
André Weber
Jacques Debary
Jean-Claude Montalban
Pierre Lefait
Jean-Claude Carrière
Jacqueline Porel
Luis Buñuel
Odette Berroyer
Claude Moesching
Pierre Guffroy
Jean-Pierre Berroyer
Guy Villette
François Suné
Olivier Villette
Carlos Ramón
Edmond Richard
Hélène Plemiannikov
Juan Luis Buñuel
Ulrich Picard
Enrique Alarcón
Jean Goudier
Mimi Gayo
Serge Silberman
Alain Tanguy
Gina Pignier
Jean Distinghin
Pierre Lary
Casimiro Dengra
Pierre Louÿs
Louis Becker
Sylvie de Segonzac
Suzanne Durrenberger
Alex Pront
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