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French Kiss (1995)

Romance, Comedy

After her fiancee admits to infidelity while on a business trip in France, a woman attempts to get her lover back and marry him by traveling to Paris despite her crippling fear of flying. On the way she unwittingly smuggles something of value that has a charming crook chasing her across France as she chases after her future husband.
Jean Reno
Renée Humphrey
François Cluzet
Michael Riley
Kevin Kline
Timothy Hutton
Suzan Anbeh
Jon Hutman
Liza Chasin
Joe Hutshing
Joanna Johnston
Lawrence Kasdan
Kara Lindstrom
Adam Brooks
Kathryn F. Galan
Jean-Claude Frequin
Charles Okun
Eric Fellner
Owen Roizman
Tim Bevan
Gérard Viard
Meg Ryan
James Newton Howard
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French Kiss film locations