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2 locations in Tartu and Havana

Strawberry and Chocolate (1993)

Comedy, Drama

Havana, Cuba, 1979. Flamboyantly gay artist Diego (Jorge Perugorría) attempts to seduce the straight and strait-laced David, an idealistic young communist, and fails dismally. But David conspires to become friends with Diego so he can monitor the artist's subversive life for the state. As Diego and David discuss politics, individuality and personal expression in Castro's Cuba, a genuine friendship develops between the two. But can it last? Strawberry and Chocolate became an instant hit when it was released, and has become a classic of Cuban cinema due to its charming and authentic exploration of a connection between two people under historical circumstances that seem levelled against them.
Marilyn Solaya
María Elena del Toro
Antonio Carmona
Mirta Ibarra
Francisco Gattorno
Diana Iris del Puerto
Joel Angelino
Zolanda Oña
Jorge Perugorría
Andrés Cortina
Vladimir Cruz
Ricardo Ávila
Georgina Balzaretti
Camilo Vives
Juan Carlos Tabío
Osvaldo Donatién
Senel Paz
Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
Miriam Dueñas
Miriam Talavera
Miguel Mendoza
José María Vitier
Fernando Pérez O'Reilly
Rolando Martínez
Frank Cabrera
Mario García Joya
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