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Garter Colt (1968)

Action, Drama, Western

At the border with Mexico, a brave young woman defends herself from the attack of the fearsome bandit, "Red", mastering a gun and the game of poker. Falling in love with a young Frenchman, he asks her to give up gambling and start a quiet and normal life, but when the young man is killed by "Red", she is determined to seek revenge. Source: SWDB
Gaspare Zola
Yorgo Voyagis
Marisa Solinas
Walter Barnes
Franco Bucceri
Arnaldo Fabrizio
Claudio Camaso
Alberto Hammermann
Elvira Cortese
Silvana Bacci
Riccardo Pizzuti
Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia
Gian Andrea Rocco
Vittorio Pescatori
Gianfranco Plenizio
Nicoletta Machiavelli
Giovanni Fusco
Gian Maria Leoncini
Giovanni Gigliozzi
Gino Santini
Brunello Maffei
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