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Imagining Argentina (2003)

Thriller, Romance, Drama

Set during the unsettling disappearances in Buenos Aires during the dictatorship of the 1970s, the film involves theater director Carlos Rueda and his wife Cecilia. Shortly after Cecilia writes an editorial commentary questioning the mysterious abductions, she is herself abducted and taken into police custody.
Maria Canals-Barrera
Anthony Diaz-Perez
Carlos Kaniowsky
Horacio Obón
Rubén Blades
Irene Escolar
Luis Antonio Ramos
Fernando Tielve
Antonio Banderas
Amparo Valle
Héctor Bordoni
Ana Gracia
Claire Bloom
Concha Hidalgo
John Wood
Emma Thompson
Stella Maris
Leticia Dolera
Lucas Foster
Geoffrey C. Lands
Bina Daigeler
Bárbara Pérez-Solero
Diane Isaacs
Tom Jenkins
Janey Fothergill
Kirk D'Amico
Nena Smarz
Guillermo Navarro
George Akers
Philip von Alvensleben
Raúl Outeda
Isabel Mulá
Manolo García
Michael Peyser
George Fenton
Craig Irving
Jason Adams
Lourdes Diaz
Jordi Ros
José María Cunillés
Santiago Prozo
Laura Musso
Christopher Hampton
Morag Ross
Ana Lozano
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Imagining Argentina film locations

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