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India Song (1975)

Romance, Drama

India, 1937. Anne-Marie Stretter is the wife of the French ambassador and leads a solitary yet privileged life in Calcutta. The tedium of her existence is relieved by numerous illicit love affairs with government officials, young men who find her an object of desire and fascination. The Vice Consul is driven insane by his love for her and, expelled from the ambassador’s palace, cries like a sick animal. Life continues for Anne-Marie Stretter, the same tedious existence…
Monique Simonet
Françoise Lebrun
Delphine Seyrig
Vernon Dobtcheff
Mathieu Carrière
Claude Mann
Daniel Dobbels
Dionys Mascolo
Claude Juan
Michael Lonsdale
Pascal Kané
Jean-Claude Biette
Didier Flamand
Kevork Kutudjan
Marie Odile Briot
Satasinh Manila
Nicole Hiss
Viviane Forrester
Michel Vionnet
Bernard Brégier
Pierre Gautard
Jean-Pierre Lacroix
Gerard Savary
Geneviève Dufour
Nicole-Lise Bernheim
Jacques Peyrac
Gaston Sylvestre
Gérard Frémy
Chantal Poupaud
Joël Quentin
Marguerite Duras
Éliane Marcus
Stella Quef
Antoine Bonfanti
Benoît Jacquot
Rita Zizka
Edouard Boubat
André Valio-Cavaglione
Bruno Nuytten
Raoul Duflot-Vérez
Solange Leprince
Simon Damiani
Carlos D'Alessio
Louis Bihi
Henri Lhaute
Jean Mascolo
Roberta Nevers
Stéphane Tchalgadjieff
India Song filming locations

India Song film locations

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