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2 locations in Castletown and Wicklow

Lassie Come Home (2020)

Adventure, Family

12-year-old Florian and his beloved dog Lassie live in an idyllic village in the German countryside. When Florian's father loses his job, the family have to move into a small apartment where there are no dogs allowed. Lassie is given away to another family, but Florian and Lassie yearn to be reunited again so Florian sets out on an adventure to find his best friend.
Christian Skibinski
Bella Bading
Justus von Dohnányi
Christoph Letkowski
Sina Bianca Hentschel
Milton Welsh
Sina Reiß
Nico Marischka
Jörg Rühl
Gode Benedix
Matous Brichcin
Luca Maric
Matthias Habich
Sarah Camp
Oliver Törner
Moritz Heidelbach
Johann von Bülow
Anna Maria Mühe
Jana Pallaske
Sebastian Bezzel
Anja Fromm
Josef Sanktjohanser
Christoph Fisser
Hanno Olderdissen
André Zacher
Martin Schlecht
Eric Knight
Jutta Freyer
Henning Ferber
Tom Zickler
Nicole Kortlüke
Christine Zahn
Jane Ainscough
Steffi Ackermann
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